Athlete Nutrition

In general, the food industry doesn't take into account the nutritional requirements of the individual and the health and well-being industry doesn't take into account the taste of the foods they create for sportspeople. This is where Performance Chef comes in. Our mission is to create meals that not only meet an athlete's needs but satiates their appetite and their taste buds too. Food for pleasure and performance. 

Under-performing in training or racing essentially comes down to 3 things - being over trained, under recovered or under/over fuelled. 2 out of 3 come down to food - you cannot achieve optimal recovery on poor quality food. There are no magic bullets here. An optimised diet won't make a sub-standard athlete into a world beater, but a poor diet can certainly make a world class athlete sub-standard. However a good diet whatever your genetic potential will help you reach your own personal performance ceiling.

Calling on over 25 years of experience cooking in michelin starred restaurants in combination with a first-hand knowledge of elite sport from a competitors perspective gives Alan an insight into the unique nutritional needs of an athlete. 

There is much written about the science behind sports nutrition however this can be a minefield of conflicting and complicated information. We concentrate on the practical application of real-life sports fuelling, no buzz words, no fads, straight talking no nonsense approach to food that is based on our experience as elite athletes and under-pinned by a culinary knowledge that is second to none.

We have seen amazing progression from all levels from Olympic athletes to first timers simply by eating better. We've not made anyone slower yet, and that's not a challenge.... 









Our benchmark of whether a meal is suitable for busy athletes - can it be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes and are all the ingredients available in a local supermarket? Here are 3 simple recipes to get you started:  


Beetroot in porridge, you say? Got to be tasted to be believed!

Nitrate booster and DOMS reliever. 



Smoky chorizo adds a kick to a traditional chicken and vegetable soup. Cook in bulk for week day lunches or serve with good quality sourdough for a light mid week supper. 




Turkey is a nutritional gold mine. Pair with a raw vegetable slaw for a tastebud and performance winning combo. Add rice noodles for additional carbs depending on training load.